Stokes Bay Ministry



As I rode through Stokes Bay Ontario I went into the General Store for some food and directions to a campsite I was staying at that night.
The friendly store owner, Bob was very helpful in giving directions from his computer and making sure I was in good shape for the evening. I thanked him and told him I would be by in the morning for coffee before leaving town.
I got to the campsite and the assistant Dave was very kind and only charged me $20 and not $40 the going rate. This was an answer to prayer as I was trying to keep the costs down. He even provided electricity to charge up my phone. He offered me firewood for my fire and even gave me a wheelbarrow to haul it in! Thank you Jesus for guiding me to the right place!

I witnessed to him about Jesus and he took the 4 spiritual laws booklet and told me that the owners of the camp were real religious too. He had to go so I thanked him for his hospitality. The next morning I was off early and stopped at the store to see Bob. We chatted for a bit about the camp and then I told him of the main reason why I was cycling around the Peninsula. He thought this was good and told me had hadn’t attended church in a long time. I assured him this was not about going to church on Sunday but about coming to know God and the plan for his life. When we pray to Jesus he will take care of all of our needs according to his riches and glory. I can testify to that.

As we spoke customers came into the store. One tall local gentleman came in with a foot in a brace and spoke with a laboured voice. He came to the counter with his goods. I was standing right there and I told him that I knew someone who could heal him of his sore foot. I began to speak to him of Jesus and he told me that he didn’t believe God could heal him because he had throat cancer and that he had a to have a trach put in so he could talk. I replied that we need to come to God in prayer and relationship and ask for healing daily. He then argued that with all the dying children in other countries, how could God be good? What gives me the right to be taking up his time?

I replied again, the difference is those who are believers that pray get food and shelter and those who don’t are less likely to receive. Hence that is why God has evangelists and ambassadors to share the message of truth and hope to the lost. I told him he seems to be angry at God and needs to make himself right with him. When he does he will receive healing from the inside and out. Many times it is our own stubbornness that keeps us from getting healing. He said he was entitled to his opinion and I to mine. I told him I will pray for him despite his opinion. He thanked me and went on his way.

After he left I asked Bob if there was anything standing in the way of him receiving salvation and he said no. We prayed together and Bob received Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Thank you Jesus!


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