Country Church still open for business!


While traveling along East Road from Dyer’s Bay to Lions Head I came across a beautiful old country Anglican church. To my amazement it was open to the public to come and worship as you please.

This is one of the few churches that still remain open for business. Most churches are locked and only open for Sunday services and community events.

If we trust God with everything including our buildings he will protect us and them while we do the work/ministry he has called each one of us to do.

“Go out into all the world and preach the gospel… believe and be baptized…speak in different languages… no thing will harm you…” Mark 16

I can testify to this. Several days ago I was riding back along a long winding gravel road from Cabot’s Head Lighthouse. It is 8 km of dirt road one way from the town along the bay. Beautiful views and landscapes.

Suddenly my pouch came loose from my waist. Before I knew it the bike stopped moving entirely and the impact threw me forward and I was heading over top of the handle bars! Just as I was going over I felt rear end go back down… Then I fell over to the side. It all happened so fast… I got up and to my amazement there was not one scratch or bruise on me!

However my bike wasn’t so. It had taken the brunt of it. The waist  pouch was wedged in between the front fork and the wheel. The fork was damaged. Just then I heard a little voice (Jesus) tell me that it will be okay to ride with until I get home. I have ridden several days and there hasn’t been a problem.

Thank you Jesus! I’ve heard of cyclist friends going over their handle bars and ending up with a concussion, a fracture or at least a bruise or cut. I thank the Lord for his continuous protection.

Also many thanks to my Christian friends and church fellowship for all their prayers.

We need to pray daily as it could mean the difference between life and death. If someone pops into your mind who you haven’t thought of in a while then perhaps it is the Holy Spirit prompting you to pray for them. 

“The prayer of a righteousness man (a person who is in a right relationship with God) availith much.”

So if you have been praying for a special circumstance in your life or for someone and nothing is happening, then maybe sin is standing in the way?

Pray and ask Jesus for forgiveness. Rededicate your life to him. Repent (turn the other way) from your sin.

“Pray always (daily) and with thanksgiving.”

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