You can do ministry anywhere, anytime!

Never seems to amaze me that when you’re out you can do ministry anywhere and anytime! When your led of the holy spirit, the doors just seem to open and the right words just come right out of your mouth! The Bible says “I will give you the words of what to say.” When we are faithful we can truly see the ministry before our eyes unfold. Even if it means we just set the seeds in people’s hearts. Later God will send someone else to water them. Even if you think you’re not making a difference, you are making a difference. God only trust us with the big things when he knows we can take care of the little things…
As I was traveling through Keswick yesterday, I was amazed that everywhere I stopped I was able to share about Jesus and give out tracts. I remember stopping along side of the road and there was a young girl waiting by the bus stop. She was a catholic and knew only about going to church. And mainly only because her parents did. She listens while I told her what the Bible said about salvation and how Jesus says we should go to him when we need our needs to be met. She thanked me and took one of my tracts.
I love to go to dollar store in different towns because I’m always curious what you might find in them. I was surprised to run into 2 other Christians who knew the ministry who was helping to support my cycling trip.. “Oh yes!” the lady said, “I know Gordon Williams from Huntley Street!” And then of course I told her about the House meetings in Beaverton! She and her husband were eager to attend! So I left her a newsletter. They went on their way and encouraged me to continue to share the gospel.
My next stop was the town’s music store because I really wanted to pick up a tiny battery powered amp that would fit on my bike. The store was busy and I really couldn’t find anything that would work… but I was able to talk to the young girl at the cash about Jesus. She listened to me as I told the story about how Jesus helped me. She was a Catholic and didn’t realize that she could have a personal relationship with Jesus. With many Catholics it’s all about going to church and doing this and doing that for the church. The bible says that we are not saved by our good works. Its by believing that Jesus died for us we can enter the gates of heaven. We cannot earn our way into heaven and its not good enough just to think we will get into heavon because I’m basically a good person! We are saved to do good works.


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