Classic Car Show in Lindsay, Ontario

When in Lindsay Saturday, July 17th, I attended the classic car show on Main Street. It stretched from one end of the town to the other and went on the whole day. I rolled in on my bike and trailer around 9:30 am after camping and spending the night at the back of a trailer and rv park a few kilometres north of town.

As I was looking at some of the cars, a fella greeted me and told me I had a flat tire! Low and behold, I looked down at my back tire and it was as flat as a pancake! Yikes! I wonder when that happened! Must of just happened ’cause I would have known about it while I was riding! Now I’ve got to find the nearest gas station so I can fix it and get some air.
I immediately started asking around for a gas station. A couple blocks down the street, I saw that the fire station garage door open with the truck peeking out. I went over and there were several firefighters giving out information materials and talking to patrons. I received a warm greeting, and before I knew it, they were fixing my tire. I thanked them for their hospitality and shared the gospel message and gave out my Christian tracts.


By this time the street was full of people moving back and forth looking at all the neat cars. I met up with a couple vendors who were interested in my bike and trailer. I told them my business and left them some of my Tracts. They encouraged me to play my guitar. So I did right next to them at the corner of the street. But I was directly in the sun so after 20 minutes or so I decided to find some shade on the other side of the street. I said my farewells and moved on.
On the other side of the street, many people were leaned up against the buildings in the shade so I joined them. It was a challenge to move my bike and position it up against the wall so it wouldn’t fall. It was easier to maneuver sitting on it than pushing it as I walked. The load was so heavy.
Once I got settled I stood quietly and stared at the crowd as they moved by, smiling at those who acknowledged me. Soon a fellow came over and began asking me questions about my bike. He squatted right next to me on the pavement and freely told me about his life’s challenges and ailments. He was open to receiving Jesus and healing so I had the privilege of praying with him for salvation and healing. He thanked me for praying with him and then stayed awhile longer.
Later that afternoon I went to the town’s laundry matt to wash my clothes and to get cleaned up. To my surprise it was big and very well kept. It had comfortable seating and facility, and even free wifi! I spent the rest of the afternoon there and pulled out my iPad to look at my emails and watch netflix.
I met a fellow who saw me earlier at the car show. He told me he was a Christian and we talked for awhile. He wanted to know Jesus personally so I prayed with him to receive Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and that he would come to know him personally. He prayed with me.
Just because someone says he is a Christian, doesn’t mean he has asked Jesus into his heart. Sometimes people just say they are Christians because they were born into a Christian family or faith. Doesn’t mean they are perusing their faith or know Jesus.
I spent one last evening in Lindsay and then headed up to Bobcaygeon the next day.

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