Larry gives glory to God to be alive


Today I played guitar and sang at the pier as I do each Friday. I met an elderly man, Nick who claimed he was a believer and I was able to pray for his needs. As I cycled back to Ocean Beach, I met a man on a bike whom I passed on the bike path. He was impressed with my ability to ride fast with a set a panniers. I told him about my Cycling4Jesus trip and he said if it wasn’t for God he wouldn’t be alive today. He told me he has been saved for a year. He was taking medication for being over weight and he noticed he was getting problems with his heart. He went in to the doctors and was told he needed a pace maker. 2 weeks later he went for surgery and he flat-lined before the surgery in front of the doctors!

“I was in surgery for the pace maker and while they were working on me, I flat lined. Before they could get to the paddles to revive my  heart, it started again and it scared them!! GOD is the one that saved me not the doctors! He is the one who restarted my heart as it was not my time he has plans for me!”

Thank you Jesus! Larry continues to give glory to God that he is still around today. Riding his bike helps to give him the exercise he needs. I prayed with him for continued healing and for his family and for God to reveal his plan for his life. He was very grateful and donated some money to my cycling ministry. Please continue to pray for Larry!


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