Jesus is faithful to answer Prayer

While at the People Coop in Ocean Beach, a lady came to me and began chatting and then told me she was looking for a place to stay as she was from Pensilvania and was a health care worker wanting to relocate back to OB where she lived before. I told her about my traveling and how I stayed at the Hi Point Loma Hostel for 2 weeks and then found a room using Craig’s list. I also told her about airbnb and encouraged her to look online. Then I told her I was a missionary from Canada who rode my bike across the US, starting in Myrtle Beach, SC and had planned to stop in San Diego for several months before heading north along the Pacific coast back to Vancouver Canada. I shared how I met a man at the ocean beach wall handing out bibles and how God had brought us together. She said she was a Christian too and believes in Jesus. She told me on how she knew Gary and his ministry. She then introduced me to her friend who was with her and she was a Christian too. I shared how I had no chance meetings and how Jesus had brought people and other believers into my path to encourage and pray with. Both ladies were excited as the presence of the Holy Spirit was there moving in our midst. I asked Di and Michelle if I could pray for their needs cause by this time I had learned so much about each one and their needs. Di needed a room to stay and prayer for her children to know Jesus. Michelle needed prayer for her mother who was new age and gave back a cross she gave her and said she didn’t need Jesus anymore. The new age movement thinks Jesus is a prophet and not Lord… So we prayed as I prayed I ask Jesus to move by his spirit upon them and guide them and show them the plan for there life. I told them they needed the Holy Spirit living inside of them to do that. Michelle mentioned how great it was that I would just pray with them openly outside the store. I mentioned that Gary and I were praying about holding house meetings on the Holy Spirit in the near future. They both eagerly gave me their numbers and asked to call them when we do. I week later Di came to the ocean beach wall where Gary and I were handing out bibles and praying with people. I was delighted to see her. We prayed for a place for her to live when she returns to Ocean Beach and for Jesus to work out all other details. She chatted for a little while later and then went on her way. Several weeks later she returned to the wall and told Gary that she had answer to prayer! She went on sharing how she met an elderly lady who offered her a place to stay and in return she didn’t need to pay rent but to take care of her from time to time! She was ecstatic! Thank you Jesus!


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