God has a Plan for everyone!

I was out witnessing on my bike yesterday as I rode my bike downtown San Diego. I was able to pray with a young man from National City on his way to Ocean Beach. He needed directions and the Lord led him right to me!!! What were the chances I was going to the place he needed to go to? As we rode, I found out he was a Christian who had back slid-en and used to go to a church called “The Rock”. He was thinking of going again… I was able to get him to Ocean beach and before I left him, we stopped and prayed. He was eager for prayer. I was able to pray to get right with Jesus and to develop the personal relationship… He hugged me after I prayed for him. His name was Joe. Please pray for him.
I met an older lady named Dar in the coffee shop this morning and she is living in a women’s RV camp in Apache Junction, Arizona. She drove 400 miles to Ocean Beach in her RV because it is well over 100 degrees in the desert right now. She was told me she was an abused Catholic and was taught by nuns that you needed to fear God or you will go to hell! She told me she gave up religion but still believes of a higher power working out there for the good. I shared with her about my Cycling4jesus ministry trip and told her that the higher power is Jesus and that he loves her and has a plan for her life. She listened and asked a few questions about how I came to know Jesus. I told her many people know about Jesus but you need to come to know him in a personal relationship to know the plan for your life.  I was able to encourage her and pray for her before she left. Please pray for her salvation.

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