Please Pray for Rev. Gerald Wilson

Please remember Rev. Wilson in prayer for a healing miracle. He has melanoma cancer and recently doctors have advised him against chemotherapy. He has gone 3 surgeries in the past year.

A letter and prayer request from Rev. Gerald Wilson:

“Following the first appointment with the oncologist we decided that we would continue with the regiment of 26 natural supplements taken daily to help boost the immune system to combat the cancer that the medical world says will return.  However, we continue to believe God for healing.  Combining our faith in a supernatural God supported by a network of faithful friends who are praying for us we are continuing to believe God for a miracle.  The oncologist accepted our decision graciously and professionally to forgo treatment with the chemo called Interferon which results in a year of extreme flu like symptoms.

Each time we see one of the surgeons or medical staff involved in this journey we are encouraged by the fact that they repeatedly say, “Whatever you are doing is obviously working and you look strong and healthy.”

We once again are facing the responsibilities of our home and yard together.  Ann carried this load alone for several months and now I am able to share in most areas of responsibility.  We thank all of our family and friends for their prayerful interest and support during this journey.

A long-time friend had called me the other day with a scripture that he read in his own devotional time.  He thought that this verse was appropriate for me at this time.  Proverbs 18:14 states, “The spirit of the man will sustain him in sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit.”  He commented on my positive attitude in the midst of my health crisis and encouraged me with this proverb.  In response to my sickness, I am constantly reminded of how important a positive attitude is combined with my faith in a supernatural God.

We continue to covet all of our family and friends prayer`s combined with the prayer support of numerous churches and ministries that compose the body of Christ.  If you feel impressed to forward this email to any of your friends or spiritual leaders, please feel free to do so.

Jerry and Ann Wilson

October 2015



2 thoughts on “Please Pray for Rev. Gerald Wilson

  1. Hi Tina;

    We will add Jerry to our prayer list. Where does he pastor? He is so right about attitude and prayer support.

    There are some encouraging documentaries on FMTV about cancer survivors.

    Chat soon



  2. Hi Art! Thanks so much for your reply. Jerry to my knowledge, is currently not Pastoring but is a member of the Western chapter of the PAOC. Just to give you some background, Anne is the daughter of Pastor Edwin Martin who went to be with the Lord several years ago. Pastor Ed started the KRT church and him and Alice lived in senior home next door. His son Bruce was a Pastor at KRT if you recall for several real years. I will pass your message onto Ann and Jerry about the documentaries. Do you have a link? Blessings Tina

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