AirBnb: The Traveler’s Resource

Hello Christian friends!

I am currently traveling in Mexico as a missionary sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those whom I come into contact with. I’m grateful and thank God for you, your prayers and for many of you who have supported me on my past Cycling4Jesus trips.

Many have asked me how is it that I have been able to afford to travel? I want to share one of my traveling secrets with you…

Most people that travel take advertised “all inclusive” trips to a warm, tropical climate away from the cold drab winters. Those trips seem like a good deal but they can run anywhere $1200 and up for a 7 days.

That is great if you want to stay on the resort and just relax on the beach and have your meals and accommodations all paid for. That is the typical North American “get away” package.

But the only thing missing is the adventure! Not to mention, I’ve found for the same amount of money, I can live abroad for up to 2 or three months for the same amount of money that I would pay for the all inclusive!

“How is this possible”, you say? “And are the accommodations good and safe?”

The answer is “Yes!” The same rules you would use to travel in your own country would also apply when you travel abroad…

The secret is seeking out your own online accommodations using a system that is well respected and growing. There are many online booking sites like and, etc. that offer high priced luxury resorts and hotels who advertise through them. The real deals are hard to find.

And then there is It offers a unique, secure online system of hosting accommodations all around the world from people just like you and me! AirBnb is geared towards the traveler and offers many online tools and customization that will help you find you the right accommodation for the right price!

Rent for a night, a week, a month… You can find the best destinations and places by reading reviews from other travelers, viewing pictures and even contacting the host online for more details. The possibilities are endless!

For the past few years I have been successfully using AirBnb as my number one travel resource for accommodations. Just recently, I stayed in a beautiful apartment in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for $500 a month. A few days ago, I just booked a big, bright, private room with an ensuite bathroom in a condo with a lovely American couple in the historic downtown of Guadalajara for the month of March. Having warm and friendly hosts to guide and help you during your stay abroad is one of the best things about booking with AirBnb.

See for yourself! AirBnb has extended a $20 US ($29 CAN) credit on your first destination to all my friends who sign up now. And because it is a referral, I also get the same credit on my next trip. Just sign up for free here… It only takes a few minutes. There are no commitments to travel, hidden agendas or gimmicks. Click on the link below:

>>>>  AirBnb free signup and $20 US credit <<<<<<

Once you sign up, you will appear on my list of friends who have taken advantage of this great offer AirBnb has extended out to you and me! (Please feel free to share my link with your friends and they can sign up to get the $20 US discount too!)

Also please continue to remember me in prayer! Thank you for your support!

Blessings in Jesus’ name,

Tina Fischer


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