Please pray for Tracey!

I am writing from Corozal Town, Belize, an underdeveloped, Central American and Caribbean nation. Corozal Town is located adjacent to the Mexican border of Chetumal. Formerly British Honduras, the main language is English, and the town’s population is about 35,000 and growing.

The majority of Belizeans speak English and the rest Spanish. They are either Jamaican, Mexican, Mayan or of Mestizo descent. Corozal Town is rated as a prime retirement location, with an increasing number of Canadian and US expats relocating here each year because of its warmth and location.


On my way to the market this morning, I came across a young lady who was desperate for help. I learned about her troubles and was led to help her.

Her name was Tracey and she was on her way back to another part of the district to reunite with her 2 young children who she left with her brother. Jobless, homeless and with great need for medical attention, she is no stranger to the streets.With a little piece of paper in her hand, she looks for help and compassion wherever she can find it.

Today I was able to share the love of Jesus with Tracey as well as get her back on the bus home to her 2 little children.”I have to do whatever I can to make ends meet for myself and 2 little ones,” she sobbed. I reassured her that today was a day that she would receive help thanks to God our heavenly Father. I agreed to pay her trip home and for some lodging and food. This is just the beginning I told her – God makes provision for us but we must be “born-again” and receive Him as our personal Savior.

As I waited in the small bus depot with her, I shared how Jesus makes it possible to have a personal one-on-one relationship with Him. How He provides to those who ask and who are in a right relationship with him (James 5:16; Matthew 17:20).


When we ask he does not throw us a stone but gives us bread. …“For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake?… (Matthew 7:8-10) She sat and listened attentively as the Lord gave me the words of what to say (Luke 12:12).

“Do you have to do the sign of the cross after you pray,” she questioned, as she moved her hand in the sign of a cross to demonstrate. I told her that “the traditions of man nullify the word of God, (Mark 7:13)” and that His desire is for his children to come to Him in prayer (develop a relationship) like you were talking with your best friend.

She continued to listen as we prayed together for her Salvation and for her needs. She smiled and thanked me and told me she learned something new today, that she can come to Jesus personally and ask him for help – that she was not in this alone!

Just at that time the bus pulled up and I reassured her I would be praying for her and would post her on my Prayer Site where many more would pray for her also!

Please pray for Tracey for a home, job and for her 2 children in Jesus name.Amen! Thank you Jesus!



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