Woman on Street Asks for Food and Receives the Bread of Life.

Please pray for Kate. She is a thin, frail, middle aged women whom I met outside the grocery store. She had her head inside a sleeping bag when I approached her. I called to her and asked if she would like something from the grocery store. She poked her head out of the bag and in a soft voice with her head down, she said “yes please, a peanut butter cookie and chocolate milk.” I immediately went into the store and got what she asked for. She was thankful. I asked her how she was feeling and how long she was on the streets? She told me she wasn’t feeling very well, which showed, and that she had been on the street for two years.

I asked her if she believed in God. She said yes. I told her that Jesus loved her and could set her free from her troubles and heal her from her sickness. I told her that Jesus could give her supernatural help and the bread of life. She looked at me intently with half her face in the blanket and her eyes looking right into mine as I sat close by. She listened to every word I said. I continued to encourage her and then asked her if I could pray with her for healing and invite Jesus to come into her heart to be her best friend. She agreed. Her voice got quieter and I could tell that she was very frail.

So I prayed with her and she repeated after me the sinners prayer and I also prayed for her healing and for her to be set free from all of her troubles and that Jesus would provide for all her needs. I told her that I would also put her on the prayer list and that many other brothers and sisters will be praying for her.

Please pray for Kate and all the vulnerable people who live on the street. They need our help, our compassion, our love and they need to know Jesus personally! Thank you very much dear Saints!


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