How can you help?

Thank you for viewing the Cycling4Jesus website.

I am looking for your support to help me get the Christian gospel out to the many people whom I meet while on my cycling trips. The Cycling4Jesus ministry rides are pre-planned, fully self supported tours where I share my personal testimonies about Jesus, pray with others for salvation, healing, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and for any other needs. Your generous donation makes it possible for me to share the word of God and help those seeking God. Please join me in my mission to travel abroad.


Christian Cyclists Needed 
If you own a suitable touring bike and are interested in participating in the rides, please contact me. Cycling is fun but it is an endurance sport and requires safety, preparation, practice and a suitable bicycle. Several meeting/practice rides can be scheduled in advance for those riders who have never cycled before in a group or form more than 20 km at a time. There will be separate rides for beginner cyclists as well as those who have experience. The mission rests on sharing the gospel to the unsaved, leading people into salvation, as well as ministering and having fellowship with one another.

Cycling trips are varied in length and duration but can be one to two day trips depending on those who are participating and available sponsorship. Tours generally involve travel costs such as food and on two day trips overnight lodging depending on where the tour goes. Costs and travelling requirements will be arranged in advance to tours.

Drivers Needed
On longer routes to distance locations drivers are needed to drive with the group and carry luggage, gear, tents, etc. If you are interested in donating your time and your vehicle please contact us.


Lodging/Meals Needed
We are looking for Sponsors like you to volunteer and provide overnight lodging (home, church, motel, etc.) and meals to the volunteer cyclists participating in the rides. If you live in a remote area in the greater Toronto area and wish to sponsor a ride contact us in advance to coordinate and book a date. See the calendar for the Cycling4Jesus event/touring dates. Please note that a time of ministry, worship, preaching of the gospel, prayer and fellowship is planned after each ride at the sponsor`s designated location.

Money donations
We are looking for people to donate funds for cycling gear such as tires, tubes, jerseys, bike repairs, bibles, tracts, cycling tour costs, etc. Pray and ask Jesus if you should donate. For those you are interested you can donate online or send a cheque to our church affiliate Gordon Williams Evangelistic Association and receive an income tax receipt. Please contact us so I can send you the mailing address. Or you can donate online below using a secure transaction through PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to donate.

Yours in Jesus,

Tina Fischer

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2 thoughts on “How can you help?

  1. hello sister I’m evangelist pastor, jaime heredia frias, we get treated Bible or send bibles in Spanish, for evangelism that we have brothers, send a, san martin ignacio 112 squire sullana peru

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