You shall open wide your hand to your Brother (Deut. 15:11)

While walking downtown Victoria, BC today I came across a man in a wheelchair who was disabled and begging for money. The city is full of many of the misfortunate, old and young people desperately seeking help. I looked at him as he held out hand for loose change and suddenly compassion, being a form of God’s love, aroused within me. Like a young child, he appeared helpless sitting in his wheelchair, suffering in the cold and vulnerable to the surroundings. I reached into my purse for whatever money I could give him. As I put the money into his silver pot, I asked him if he knew about Jesus Christ. His speech was slow and laboured as he replied at the top of his voice, “Yes! Yes! Jesus! Jesus!”

As he spoke, a scripture verse came to my mind. I remembered what the disciple Peter in the bible had said to the lame man, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” (Acts 3:6) Then miraculously, the man began to walk. I reached over and laid hands on this man as in the bible and asked Jesus to heal him and commanded him to walk in Jesus name. Later I realized the only thing was I didn’t do was pick him up out of the chair as Peter did to give him that chance to walk! Duh…

Nevertheless, he was overjoyed as the Holy Spirit moved on him and I continued to pray over him. Afterwards he motioned with his hand for me to come closer. I leaned in close so that I could hear him. He told me he was a Christian too and because of Jesus he is still alive! He went on telling me how he was in a car accident in the ’80’s which caused him to be in a coma for 6 months! (It was a challenge to understand him as he slowly muttered out the words in broken sentences.) During this time he had died three times and claimed Jesus had brought back to life! As he gave his testimony, he let out a crooked smile and when he finished, he took my hand and kissed it letting me know how he much he appreciated my help and presence.

After a long conversation, he asked me if I would go over to the store and get him a cheese burger! I smiled and said certainly. I proceeded to the nearest fast food depot and bought a philly steak sub, heated, on a bun and accompanied by a huge coffee. Sadly they were all out of cheeseburgers! I returned with the food and spent a good half and hour with him on the corner talking about Jesus, his goodness and grace. Only being several weeks in Victoria, I was grateful for an opportunity to meet another Christian and be able to share God’s love.

During that time, I formally introduced myself and found out his name was Shawn. He said he was not homeless, but is forced to the streets to beg for money and food as his monthly income is not enough. Shawn was left paralyzed from the waist down with part paralysis in his arms from a near fatal car accident that happened over 20 years ago. His head is permanently cocked to the right and he has a hard time moving around. His crippled hands have limited mobility and he has few resources. He told me that he comes to the same spot everyday by bus around 1 – 2 pm. I hope to continue to see Shawn in my travels to the same street corner to help him with food and money as the Lord provides. I assured him I would be back to see him again.


Shawn who comes to the street corner everyday looking for food, money and provisions.

I told him about the wonderful church fellowship I belong to in Ontario. Also about the many Christian believers whom the Lord brought to me while on my Cycling4Jesus trip, and the many who are led to follow my ministry blog. I asked him if I could put his story on my blog so that others can join me in prayer for his healing miracle and pray that his provisions will continue to be met. He agreed to allow for a picture to accompany his story with the hopes that he will be prayed for.

How can you help?

Please continually keep Shawn in your prayers. People lives depend on our prayers. (James 5:15:16) The winter is coming and it is cold on the streets. When I arrived he had bare hands which no doubt had contributed to his crippling condition. I gave him my gloves to help keep his hands warm. If the Holy Spirit leads you to give a love offering for Shawn, and others like him, I am welcoming online donations on his/their behalf. Please help me to help others that the Lord brings into my midst that they too may come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour and will give him the glory!

“For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.” (Deuteronomy 15:11)

How can I donate?

Paypal credit card donations can be made by visiting the Gordon William’s Evangelistic Assoc website. When donating, please type in the “Message to Gord” dialogue box: “Cycling4Jesus Donation for Shawn”. No donation is too small. Click below to donate. (Tax receipts can be requested.) paypal_logo_donate

Thank you and I pray the Lord will bless you richly as you pray and give!

“Jesus said to him, “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.” (Matthew 19:21)



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