Do I know You? You look familiar…

I met a very friendly young man of 17 years old, who stopped me while I was walking by his fishing boat. He was selling crab and lobster. He looked at me and he says do I know you? You look familiar. And then he asked me if I had any children and I said no. And then I told him usually when we belong to the same family there is a resemblance.

I asked him, “Do you believe in God?” And he said, Yes, but I’m not religious”. I told him believing in God wasn’t about being religious, going to a church on Sunday, or even doing good things, it was about getting to know God in your heart like a best friend. Jesus takes us just the way we are”.

He said he was always open minded about God but he had done a lot of terrible things. He told me one time he was about to end it all he was going to jump off a bridge and he asked God to give him a sign like the wind to blow or something to tell him that he wasn’t supposed to jump. He said he didn’t hear the wind blow but then he also didn’t jump off the bridge!

I asked him if he would like to be introduced to Jesus and he said yes. There were a lot of tourists around the boat but that didn’t seem to make a difference to him. He repeated the Sinners Prayer with me and I told him now we really are family, brother and sister in the Lord!

I came by the next day and dropped off a Bible for him to read. He was happy about that! Please pray for Shain that he would come to know Jesus in a personal way and that he would get some sort of vehicle so that he can go to school and learn a trade for welding.


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