You can only have One God and that is Jesus!

I met a elderly man that was creating unique artwork. He was panhandling and had politely asked me for some spare change. I had come across this fellow once before and I had helped him then. I told him that I don’t generally carry cash but I would be happy to go to the corner 7-11 store and get him something as I did before. He was grateful and asked me if I could get him a sandwich and a coffee. So I did. I came back with his food and he thanked me.

Peter panhandling his artwork and jackets.

Then he began to show my his artwork and explained how it has become more and more difficult to sell his work. I sympathized with him. He was pleased that I took an interest in artwork. He sat down and began to sob telling me that it had been awhile since anyone even cared enough to listen to him. He said he spends a lot of time alone and his health had not been good. He told me that he had received treatment for cancer and that even though it was in remission, he was having a lot of side effects. I knew what chronic illness was about as I had my share of poor health as well.

He said that the next time I see him he would like to give me some of his artwork as a payment for the nice things I had done for him. I told him that him being happy and well was good enough for me. He was moved by my compassion.

I asked him if he believed in God. He said he did. I told him about Jesus and how he heals us from sickness and disease. I said if you have Jesus in your life you are never alone. Then I asked him if I could pray with him and introduce Jesus to him. Then he said is it okay because he believed in some of the things he read about Buddha. I replied well it is interesting you should even mention that. I told him he could only have one God and one master and Jesus is the only God that saves and heals us. He is our only guarantee that we will get to heaven. “Okay,” Peter replied, “Yes, I am ready.”

He recited the sinners prayer with me and received his Salvation. Then I prayed with him for complete healing from cancer, poor eyesight and for Jesus to meet all his needs. He thanked me. I told him the next time I see him I will give him a New Testament with large text for him to read. I asked, “Can I add you and your picture to my Facebook Prayer Page so many others can pray for your healing and other needs?” “Yes please! That would be great!” Peter remarked. He thanked me again and I left.

Peter receives his Day of Salvation! Jesus is Saviour and Lord!

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