Please pray for Ambrose (A.K.A. Victoria’s Slide Man Blues)

The doctors have told Ambrose there is little hope and that it could be one month or 6 months. Thank you friends for your continuous prayers, he is still unhospitalized and with us today! Pray also that he will turn to Jesus for healing and comfort!

Cycling4Jesus Ministry

Please pray for my dear talented friend, Ambrose (Slide Man Blues) whom I met in Victoria playing and singing “delta style blues” with the slide guitar on Government Street. In 2013, Ambrose was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and currently is receiving treatment. Each day he comes into a closer walk with Jesus. Yesterday, I was blessed and was able to pray with Ambrose for Salvation and healing! Ambrose is grateful for all your prayers!

Ambrose “Slide Man Blues” busking in Victoria BC (November 11, 2013)

An update to Ambrose’s condition is that the cancer has receded but continues to grow. He is receiving monthly treatments of hormonal injections which interferes with his ability to cope. Saddly he has taken his eyes off Jesus and hangs on to his music for comfort. Please continue to keep Ambrose in your prayers.

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